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Custom Paintings for Babies and Kids

   Safari with Style is a fun collection of baby-inspired safari animals on brightly coloured canvases. This collection contrasts a traditional subject with a modern design. They are all hand-painted originals; designed, sketched and painted by the artist. All paintings are made to order by selecting the safari animal and colour of your choice.

   The initial farm series began as a spin off to a previous series called Farm Décor which featured large animals in a similar style, which later inspired the safari animal collection. Both series draw inspiration from contemporary interior design sources, as well as post-painterly abstraction and pop art.

   Safari with Style paintings have a playful simplicity about them that will brighten your child's room and surely put a smile on your child's face. Transform their space with a colourful canvas wall hanging. Choose from five safari animal designs.

Each animal has it's own personality to bring positive energy into your baby's nursery. These dynamic paintings will certainly create a fun atmosphere and compliment your home décor with a modern edge.

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